Friday, March 19, 2010


This month has been very hectic,production schedules,sale round ups, and everything in between but what can I say I love what I do. As of lately I have been working with the almighty Russ from SSUR and he has been giving me plenty of work to do. We are in the building stages of bringing back SSUR to a full circle. Remember people do not forget about the pioneers that gave you that sense of lifestyle. Now in days every ones cool,every ones a photographer,blogger,etc and every ones to cool to wear the shit they were wearing last year...smh. I understand everything moves at a forward pace but I can not understand the people that were wearing sneakers and fitted hats just last year,have now turned into some grow man shit and wearing boots that cost 800 dollars and wearing garments from JP UK. Now you see Rolex's on Hypebeast? For real cmon now .. Stop trying to be Hiroshi cause it has been done.